'X' as a Service

nlightnIT recognise that the IT industry is changing.

While some customers are required to maintain in-house systems, others prefer to have no systems onsite at all. Most have a combination of the two.

nlightnIT have designed all solutions to be delivered as a service where required. Costed and budgeted for on a monthly basis, everything scales and is configurable to the changing needs of each nlightnIT customer.

All the while, everything we do is underwritten by traditional values of service delivery and tight service level agreement targets.

Our flexible contracts provide each customer with the facility to alter service levels and deliverables as required and at any point within an existing contracted agreement.

Don’t compromise your business by working around your service providers. Speak to nlightnIT about moulding a bespoke service level around your precise business needs.


nlightnIT provide Monitoring aa Service to any Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database technology customer.

Our MaaS facility consist of our 3 key products:

  • nCore
  • nRemote
  • nGauge

As each of these products is unique to us, we have designed our database monitoring tools from the ground up with the needs of Database Administrators and System Administrators in mind.

Our nlightnIT MaaS solutions can gather statistics via hundreds of targeted system queries and key database performance indicators, presenting them in real-time to our customers via our nGauge secure client portal.

The possibilities of our nGauge reporting environment are limitless. Data is presented in a number of different formats and customers can even choose to query the data themselves in order that they can access the full depth of our information.

  • Secure Access
  • Real Time Information
  • Performance Visualisation
  • Customer Specific Configuration
  • Huge Number of USE CASES
  • Application Tuning Benefits
  • Small Local Resource Footprint
  • No Licence Overhead


Disaster Recovery (DR) is both a fundamental expectation and an essential facility for any database installation, the concept and definition do however differ significantly amongst users.

As a database centric services organisation driven by customer demand, nlightnIT have developed a DR as a Service facility which supplies:

  • Backup as a Service
  • A Standby Replica as a Service

Backup as a Service

This service provides each customer with offsite database backup. Backups are kept safe within our nCloud facility where they can be retrieved in accordance with an agreed customer backup retention policy.  

Backup as a Service is an end-to-end monitored service facility which ensures database backups are taken and secured in accordance with an agreed service level agreement.

Standby Replica as a Service

This service is where we provision, monitor and manage a standby replica database. The standby replica(s) can be presented as local or off-site copies, using customers’ existing infrastructure or the nlightnIT nCloud service framework.

Our Standby Replica facility uses both native database technology tools and in-house developed products. This allows the provision of an end-to-end managed process, underpinned by an agreed service level agreement.

Compatible with:

  • Oracle Database
    • Enterprise Edition
    • Standard Edition & SE1
    • Standard Edition 2
  • Mircosoft SQL Server
    • Enterprise Edition
    • Standard Edition


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  • Microsoft
  • Db Visit
  • Oracle
  • Tibero
  • Tmaxsoft
  • Tmaxsoft
  • SplashBI