nSync is our 'Disaster Recovery' service and can be supplied as a service on its own merits or as part of a wider managed support service, where we monitor and maintain the integrity of the solution so that customers know it can be relied upon.

'Disaster Recovery' can be a complicated topic and typically varies significantly from one customer to the next. For this reason, nSync is a variable service level agreement, enabling us to fine-tune our offering to meet your unique requirements. 

nlightnIT work with each customer to understand and define the realistic recovery time and recovery point objectives for each database installation. Once your business targets are defined, we discuss the available options to find the best fit for your business.

Our solutions incorporate native database technology tools where available, augmented by in-house developed facilities. This enables our technical team to create the best solution for each customer.

Most customer requirements can be defined as one of the following database backup categories:

  • Managed Backup
  • Standby Replica

Managed Backup

A 'Managed Backup' solution can be a cost effective and functional disaster recovery solution. 

nlightnIT can provide a variety of service options to transform a native database facility into a proactive corporate disaster recovery service, offering defined service level agreements to match your company data security policies.

nlightnIT are able to offer:

  • Varying Degrees of Backup Granularity
  • Onsite and Offsite Backup Provisioning
  • Defined Backup Retention Policies
  • End to End nCore Monitored
  • Customer nGauge Dashboard
  • Fully Inclusive Backup Restore Services
  • 24x7 Service Level

Standby Replica

As the name suggests, this is a replica copy of a source database designed to provide an up to date set of data, held within a discrete database to be used immediately in the event of a business-critical 'Disaster' situation.

What 'Disaster Recovery' means differs significantly from business to business. As such, careful consideration needs to be given to the provision of a Standby Replica.

nlightnIT offers a variety of service elements that allow the process to be tailored for a wide range of customer expectations and business requirements.

Using a combination of native database tools and in-house developed facilities, nlightnIT are able to provide service options that include:

  • Local Standby Solutions
  • Offsite Standby Solution
  • Multiple Site Solutions
  • End to End nCore Monitoring
  • Customer nGauge Dashboard
  • 24x7 Service Level 


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