nCloud is underpinned by a highly resilient infrastructure with elastic resource availability. This boasts best of breed multiple tier 1 accredited datacentres, latest generation processor (CPU) server technology, multiple enterprise class Storage (SAN), networking and security infrastructure. 

nCloud solutions provide the Oracle database user with a compelling and competitive cloud based solution, eliminating at a stroke unnecessary capital expenditure.

Our nCloud services Include:

  • Pure Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • On Premise Cloud

Pure Cloud

Pure Cloud Solutions are resilient and secure shared cloud platforms that boast unrivalled operational throughput and server level performance. 

Pure Cloud is a tailored service from beginning to end. nlightnIT work with customers throughout the migration process, culminating with post go-live support with tight Service Level Agreements.

Hybrid Cloud

There are many business-driven challenges that define the use and success of cloud solutions. nlightnIT have experience working within all major market sectors, understanding the challenges of database performance, scalability and compliance.

The nlightnIT Hybrid Cloud solution provides customers with a flexible infrastructure solution. This allows some database installations to remain On Premise, while other less critical or ‘Cloud friendly’ installations can be migrated to a Pure/Private Cloud platform.

Hybrid Cloud solutions can be used to manage infrastructure expenditure. They can also enable effective disaster recovery, off-site backup and off-site test systems.

Before you consider a hardware refresh, speak to one of our nCloud services team for expert advice on the best solution for your business.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud boasts all the security, flexibility, resilience and redundancy of a cloud service, whilst offering a customised server specification and design.

Private Cloud services provide customers with a dedicated server level infrastructure for their use only. It enables customers to leverage large-scale server resource, which can then be provisioned to best match each database estate.

All of our Private Cloud solutions conform to database vendor technology certifications and are designed to meet licence terms and conditions.

nlightnIT provides an end to end service including estate analysis, Private Cloud design, migration services and post migration support.

Speak with one of the nCloud team now about our Private Cloud offerings and service levels.

On Premise Cloud

Not all critical business systems can harness off-premise cloud facilities. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including application constraints, sovereignty and security concerns.

Such constraints need not prevent clients from leveraging the benefits offered by cloud infrastructure.

Harnessing the knowledge and skills behind our Pure and Private Cloud services, our On Premise service is designed to help customers provision a highly resilient and scalable system with on tap performance. Of course, it also fully complies with rules too.

Speak with one of the nCloud team now about our On Premise Cloud offerings and Service levels.


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