Database monitoring is essential to the delivery of Proactive Managed Support Services. 

As vendor technology evolves, so do the relationships between the key inner working components of a database, and how information should be interpreted to efficiently manage it.

To maintain the high level of service expected by both customers and the wider market, our boffins went back to the drawing board to design and build the next generation monitor.

The nlightnIT monitoring family consists of 3 unique components:

Our monitoring tools have been designed from the ground up to provide much more than just critical issue alerting. Not only are they highly available and secure, they are designed by database administrators to gather very specific information. This allows us to:

  • Pin point what is happening in your system
  • Pin point when things are happening in your system
  • Quickly identify why things are happening
  • Map behaviour to understand what ‘good’ looks like
  • Map behaviour to identify what ‘bad’ looks like
  • Predict future behaviour

In a world where data availability is king, a flexible and configurable monitoring service is essential.


nCore is the centre of our world, forming the foundation on which our managed support services are built.

Designed and built by our team of database administrators, our nCore monitoring estate receives data from all nlightnIT Managed Support databases. An extension of our database administrator team, nCore rationalises the statistical relationships within a database, which ensures an efficient managed service.

Even better, the more clients that join the nlightnIT family, the more our systems learn.

  • Secure encrypted network communication
  • PCI Compliant
  • Designed to serve
  • Designed to learn

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nRemote acts as our onsite virtual eyes and ears. Developed from the ground up, it is our onsite counterpart to nCore.

Installed on each customer network upon its own dedicated (virtual or physical) Linux machine, it requires no software licence for either the operating system or the monitored database targets.

All communication between nRemote and nCore is fully encrypted and tied down to a unique token that will only allow recognised monitors to communicate with our central systems. It also conforms with both ISO and PCI compliant sites.

Using nRemote alongside nCore enables us to offer a comprehensive monitoring service which includes:

  • 24x7 Real Time Monitoring
  • Covers the entire database environment
  • Routine seamless updates
  • Tuneable to each database, and each client
  • Bespoke alerts easily deployed
  • Secure, encrypted traffic
  • Small local compute footprint
  • PCI and ISO Compliant


nGauge is your dashboard view of your nlightnIT managed installation.

Our team of technical wizards are constantly watching your systems and collecting data on health, performance and availability. This is done via nRemote, enabling our boffins to collate data for a variety of managed services components, including a clear and concise real time graphical dashboard.

Enhanced versions of the service can incorporate statistics from multiple sources, allowing clients to understand their entire database environment in greater detail. We work with you to understand your requirements and create a bespoke portal with a real-time view of the data that is important to your business.

Key nGauge headlines:

  • Secure Client Portal
  • Real time Information
  • Massively Configurable
  • Huge Number of ‘USE CASES’
  • So Much More Than a Health Monitor
  • Systems Planning
  • Application Planning / Tuning
  • Network Planning
  • Security Planning
  • Customisable!!


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  • Db Visit
  • Oracle
  • Tibero
  • Tmaxsoft
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  • SplashBI