VENDOR UPDATE | 18 March 2019

Dbvisit Standby Version 8 (8.0.26) Latest Updates

Dbvisit Standby Supported Platforms


Latest release 8.0.26 (18th March 2019)

Dbvisit Standby Supports the following platforms:

  • Linux
    • Linux 64bit (OEL (5,6,7), RHEL (5,6,7) and SLES (11,12)
  • Windows
    • MS Windows 64bit (MS Windows 2008, 2008r2, 2012, 2012r2, 2016)
  • Solaris
    • x86_64 v10 and above, SPARC v10 and above
  • IBM
    • AIX 5.3 and above


Oracle Database Support


Supported Oracle Database Editions

Dbvisit Standby Supports the following Oracle Editions:

  • Oracle Database Standard Edition (SE)
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SE1)
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition One (SE2)
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE)
  • Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)


Supported Oracle Database Versions

The following Oracle Database versions are supported with Dbvisit Standby version 8.0.x:

  • Oracle Database 10g (
    • Supported only from Dbvisit Standby Version 8.0.22.
  • Oracle Database 11g
    • is the base version supported
    • Oracle and above patch level recommended
  • Oracle Database 12c
    • Oracle SE/SE1 up to
    • Oracle SE2 and EE and above
    • Oracle SE2 and EE 12.2 are supported from Dbvisit Standby 8.0.12
  • Oracle Database 18c
    • Oracle SE2 - excluding Oracle RAC configurations
    • Oracle EE - excluding Oracle RAC configuration as well as any specific Enterprise Edition features


Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Support

  • When installing Dbvisit Standby on an environment using ASM for database storage, Oracle Grid Infrastructure version 11.2 and higher is recommended.
  • Recommended 11g version to use including the latest patch updates.
  • Recommended 12c version and above, including latest patch updates.


Oracle RAC

The following Oracle RAC configurations are supported:

  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) 11g
  • Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) 12c
  • Oracle Fail-Safe


Standby Version 8 Latest Changes


8.0.26 (18th March 2019) Changes:

  1. DS-1487: Improve the copy of repository (standby/conf/dbname.db file) between primary and standby
  2. DS-1486: Update query used during Graceful Switchover to obtain temp files
  3. DS-1476: Update certificates supplied with installation
  4. DS-1473: Fix internal JSON related parsing causing dbvagent failure
  5. DS-1452: Internal improvement to logging
  6. DS-1485: Internal update to allow certain spfile parameter values to be carried over to standby database during Create Standby Database (CSD) - these were specific to values that was set to a 0 (zero) value.
  7. DS-1494: Update internal timeout value in Central Console and link to sessionTimout in configuration file
  8. DS-1495: Internal update to DDC template default values
  9. DS-1498: Resolve issue where tracefile were not attached to error email notification
  10. DS-1499: Update database disconnect at end of dbvctl run. This resolves potential "Segmentation fault" after a successful execution
  11. DS9-140: Internal updates to better cater for environments where standby database is created on ACFS based filesystems
  12. DS-1500: Resolve issue where "Error parsing config file" reported in dbvnet or dbvagent
  13. DS-1503: Internal fix to resolve error creating support package when dbvnet is not installed and ssh is used 


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