This is a scheduled maintenance release. The items listed below have been either fixed and/or added:

  1. NRC-12 Fix an issue, when APPLY refuses to receive ancillary plogs. Fix race conditions on first APPLY startup
  2. NRC-47 Fix an issue with TRUNCATE partition command on Oracle 10g
  3. NRC-53 Fix various issues with columns split among multiple blocks, especially LONGs
  4. NRC-53 Fix issues with non-null metadata-only default values
  5. RQ-1186 Use European-style date for redo/plog based date (#11750)
  6. RQ-2592 Add grants on CLUSTERs, as we do replicate DDL for them in DDL replication
  7. RQ-3254 Fix a crashing of APPLY on "commit/rollback" transaction. Include plog sequence with LCR_id in a plog. Do not reference a plog file when not necessary
  8. RQ-3330 Improve a support packages. Add the entire logfile instead of the last 20MB and include already rotated log files
  9. RQ-3420 Do not allow PostgreSQL target to be used together with CSV target (due to issues with PostgreSQL reserved keywords)
  10. RQ-3507 IOT delete and re-insert now are correctly treated as delete and re-insert, not as update (#10796)
  11. RQ-3573 Fix various minor issues with TDE on databases that don't support it
  12. RQ-3583 Improve performance of MINE for large uncommitted transactions (#11356)
  13. RQ-3621 Fix an issue with a table or schema in setup wizard occasionally inheriting settings from a previous table (e.g. CDC) even if not asked to do so
  14. RQ-3623 Fix an issue when query mode multi does not recognise 12.2 redo logs (#11986)
  15. RQ-3705 Do not allow _ENABLE_5_19_PARSE=NO with apply loop prevention, as these options are incompatible
  16. RQ-3716 Add support for the JSON column type for Oracle databases
  17. RQ-3726 Do not allow OVERWRITE conflict handler for LOBs (#11735)
  18. RQ-3727 Fix LONG (RAW) row piece assembling (#11733)
  19. RQ-3729 Do not offer DDL replication for CSVs in setup wizard
  20. RQ-3735 Fix an issue when conflicts were not counted to applied rows, leading to counter inconsistency in the console (#11752)
  21. RQ-3739 Fix an issue when NEWER/OLDER/PLSQL conflict handlers occasionally causes APPLY to malform data (#11750)
  22. RQ-3740 Fix an occasional crash of MINE on "FATAL-6999: Mandatory parameter check: redo_handle->file" (#11698)
  23. RQ-3741 Separate "known issues" from "changes" with a new line in README
  24. RQ-3743 Improve performance and lower memory usage of MINE when processing KDO/KTB operations (#11763)
  25. RQ-3744 Fix incorrect use of DISCARD conflict handler, instead of conflict handler specified by end user (#11767)
  26. RQ-3746 Fix an issue when NEWER/OLDER/PLSQL conflict handlers occasionally causes APPLY to malform data on delete (#11778)
  27. RQ-3750 Fix a crash after NEWER+IGNORE handler on LOB. Properly distinguish keys/new for inserts. Improve the error message when the NEWER/OLDER handler fails due to user error (#11735)
  28. RQ-3751 Improve performance of MINE on restart (#11766)
  29. RQ-3753 Various 9i bug fixes
  30. RQ-3755 Fix issues when both LONG and LOB column are present in the same table
  31. RQ-3758 Fix issues with PostgreSQL load (do commit after DDL and correctly handle the fact that PostgreSQL returns column names in lowercase) (#11837)
  32. RQ-3760 Remove the information about CPU count restriction from log files (the licence does not have this restriction anymore) (#11856)
  33. RQ-3761 Fix issue with pasting of skipped columns causing "Internal error: Mandatory parameter check: pth: Invalid argument" (#11767)
  34. RQ-3765 Fix a MINE crash when processing some specific cases of multi block undo
  35. RQ-3767 Fix a crash when creating a mine support package after upgrade from 2.7 to 2.9 (#11833)
  36. RQ-3769 Make APPLY log more readable by reducing the frequency of "Waiting for plog" messages
  37. RQ-3770 Generate correct config/*dbsetup*sql during the setup wizard for PostgreSQL when LOAD_KEEP/LOAD_CREATE are used
  38. RQ-3772 Fix various MINE connectivity issues (#11833)
  39. RQ-3773 Introduce user variable MINE_REWRITE_TRUNCATE to govern whether truncate should be rewritten
  40. RQ-3774 Fix interaction of DDL_IGNORE_USER with rewrite TRUNCATE
  41. RQ-3775 Fix downgrade to <=2.9.00 (revert values of configuration variables to values valid in previous versions)
  42. RQ-3776 Qualify DBRS tables with schema on MSSQL server
  43. RQ-3780 Fix various problems causing MINE to ignore prepared partitioned IOT tables
  44. RQ-3782 Fix handling of constraints on partitioned tables (look for the parent container if this is a partition, because constraints are defined at table level) (#12005)
  45. RQ-3783 Fix failing PREPARE/UNPREPARE on MSSQL Server
  46. RQ-3789 Fix assembling of row piece (ORA-00957: duplicate column name) (#11997)v
  47. RQ-3791 Fix an issue with unexpected conflicts on tables with multiple LOBs due to use of incorrect select to get the LOB locator (#12009)
  48. RQ-3793 Improve MINE log on HP-UX (superfluous information at redo record end caused many Unknown OPCODE messages) (#11879)
  49. RQ-3794 Improve performance of FETCHER on startup by reducing the frequency of v$log queries (#11977)
  50. RQ-3795 Fix possible incorrect assembly when multiple changes are made to the same chained row, one closely following the other (#12147)
  51. RQ-3796 Allocate more memory for debug messages and disable some debug messages by default. Always work with 4-byte chunks in signatures. Ignore empty entries. Don't flip signatures when writing because if it's an odd number of columns the last one will be lost (#12010)
  52. RQ-3797 Fix possible conflicts on LOBs when MINE is on big Endian (#12178)
  53. RQ-3798 Fix clean-up of session audit history: delete all past records, not just the most recent one
  54. RQ-3800 Fix a possible segment violation on (LONG) RAW data due to 'hh' not being a valid modifier on Windows (#12248)
  55. RQ-3801 Fix the crash due to replication of long PL/SQL (#12203)
  56. RQ-3802 Add --hide-data parameter to publisher. Add redo_hide and multi_hide parameters to query mode (#12236)
  57. RQ-3804 Remove DISCARD warnings if they are due to unused LKR (#12203)
  58. RQ-3814 Fix a mix-and-match datatype checks (add DATETIME2) for MSSQL. Properly check for MSSQL-style double-schema name (for columns). Use an explicit owner in MSSQL INFORMATION_SCHEMA queries
  59. RQ-3813 Reintroduce a fix from RQ-844
  60. RQ-3820 Fix a bug, when Apply automatically switched to a maximum debug mode and spammed the log on HP-UX
  61. RQ-3821 Rowcount is not a license option anymore, so just get rid of the code (that is apparently not NLS-aware on MSSQL) (#12508)
  62. RQ-3829 Reduce memory footprint of MINE when processing a long transaction with a lot of rowpieces (#12581)
  63. RQ-3832 Dump profiler and memory after mine querymode. Speedup of processing 19.1 changes (#12649)
  64. RQ-3834 Speed up Mine, by skipping some unnecessary log attempts in parsing headers (#12649)